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Hospital Prosecuted over Dermatitis

The Princess Alexander hospital has been fined £6,500 and £4,500 costs after ignoring official improvement notices regarding dermatitis risks. The hospital was not managing the risk of staff becoming sensitised to latex gloves.

Investigators from the HSE also found that the hospital had failed to report an instance of a member of staff being diagnosed with latex-linked occupational dermatitis.

Dermatitis is a significant injury and there have been recent cases of workers being forced to take early retirement because of the severity of the injuries suffered. In one case previously mentioned in an earlier article a worker at Prysmian Cables and Systems Ltd was exposed to dodecylbenzene oil (DDB), whilst manufacturing cable. The worker was awarded a six-figure sum by way of damages.

Employers are under a statutory duty to ensure that workers are safe when working with chemicals and to provide the necessary protective equipment.

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