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Industrial Lead Poisoning

Tens of thousands of UK workers may have been exposed to dangerous levels of lead. Whilst the rest of the EU and The USA are taking strides to review the levels of lead, which are safe to work with, the UK has no such plan.

Who are at Risk?

A study in 2004 of US workers placed construction labourers at the most at risk followed by vehicle mechanics and skilled construction workers.

What are the risks?

Lead exposure can stay in system for decades until old age and many people may not associate their symptoms with exposure to lead. Lead exposure can cause the following:


What are safe levels?

The HSE sets a recommended action level of 50micrograms of lead pr 100ml of blood for men and 25 micrograms in women. If the blood levels reach 60 micrograms the worker will or should be suspended from work.

The Problem?

The UK, unlike France and Germany, are not reviewing their safe levels of lead. In a recent report from the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine which found that the symptoms mentioned previously started to manifest themselves at 30 micrograms of blood and not 50 micrograms which is the UK safe limit.

If you have any concerns about working with lead and being exposed to levels of lead call Steven Evans today on 0800 294 3065 or email info@wesolicitors.com.

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