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Insurers Dirty Tricks

It was reported in the Law Gazette on 22 October 2009 that a number of insurers are proposing an advertisement campaign urging injured people not to seek the advice of a solicitor if they have been involved in an accident.

Over the last few years Insurers have become increasingly quick to contact injured parties offering them compensation there and then. In many instances the amount offered seems very reasonable to a layperson. However the insurers are simply trying to "buy" off the claim at an early stage. Does a layperson know what he or she can claim for? Do they appreciate they can claim for items such as being handicapped on the open labour market? Are they aware that a solicitor can arrange rehabilitation treatment?

The insurance industry is simply trying to save money and under settle injured peoples claims to ensure their profits are maintained.

This comes a few weeks after it was reported in the Independent that insurers who were dramatically raising car and home insurance premiums where making huge profits, (see article http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/premium-rises-revive-insurance-profits-an-industry-badly-hit-by-the-recession-could-enjoy-a-nearrecord-year-writes-paul-durman-1460403.html )

This also comes weeks after it was again reported in the Independent that Insurers were attempting to distance themselves from bankers to ensure that they can continue with large bonuses derived from the hike in premiums. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/insurers-join-forces-to-beat-backlash-as-bonus-row-heats-up-1801430.html

We constantly hear that solicitors are destroying the insurance industry but the profits and bonuses do not support this argument.

Injured people need to question why a business entity such as an insurer whose sole purpose is to make money for shareholders does not want them not to see a solicitor?

We would urge anyone who is injured to seek legal advice before accepting any money by way of compensation. We leave you with this story we recently heard at a conference where an insurer had offered an injured party £5,000. Thankfully they declined the offer and went to see a solicitor who settled the case in excess of £20,000. This is way insurers do not want people to seek legal advice!

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