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Accident Management companies suspended

It has been widely reported that over a 100 accident management companies have been closed down by the Ministry of Justice for failing to comply with the claims regulation conduct rules, including ignoring requests for information from the regulator, criminal convictions for fraud, persistently misleading and non payment of regulation fees.

What do accident managements companies do?  

Many of these companies simply market for personal injury and legal work which they then sell to firms of solicitors.  Recently these companies have become regulated by the Ministry of Justice to ensure that they follow an ethical and transparent practice.  It is illegal for these companies to market with authorization.

Are accident management companies legally qualified and can they carry out legal work?  

Accident management companies on the whole are not able to conduct legal proceedings and cannot hold themselves out as being lawyers.  In most cases they simply sell your details to a firm of solicitors.

What benefits are there to using an accident management company?  

There are few benefits to approaching an accident management company, as ultimately they will not be dealing with your case but simply acting as the middleman.  Reputable firms of solicitors also offer services offered by accident management companies.

Why should I go to solicitors directly?

WE solicitors are experts in industrial disease litigation.  Over the years we have received many clients who have been referred to solicitors who do not have the necessary expertise in this area but the details have simply been sold to highest bidding solicitor.

Have peace of mind and go directly to a solicitor who can deal with your case.


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