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MP's Call For A Public Enquiry For Miners

It is becoming widely reported and discussed at government level that the level of legal advice given to miners may have been negligent in some instances.

Whist the press and authorities have previously concentrated on wrong doing by solicitors including the deduction of money from compensation awards the scrutiny is now highlighting a wide discrepancy of settlement awards between the many law firms who signed up to the COPD and VWF schemes.

It has been demonstrated that depending upon which firm you received your compensation could on average mean receiving between 29% more compensation.

Many industry observes have commented that this disparity may have been caused by bad advice from some former firms and the manner in which many miners where not advised to recover certain damages when they could have been entitled to so much more.

Many people including David Anderson Labour MP for Blaydon and Lord L of those are asking for a public enquiry.

If you feel you have been a victim of professional negligence please call us or email us. There is no cost attached.

We Solicitors never under took any miners scheme work and therefore our advice is impartial and untainted. We do not deduct any money from client's damages.

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