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We Solicitors lobbies parliament re pleural plaques decision

A copy of the letter sent from We to parliament:

Dear Mr Heyes,

RE: Asbestos Related Illnesses/Pleural Plaques

I am writing to you in respect of the recent House of Lords decision concerning a condition known as pleural plaques.

Pleural plaques is a condition caused by exposure to asbestos resulting in the scarring of lungs. Whilst there are no outward symptoms those with pleural plaques are at significant risk of going on to develop more serious asbestos related conditions such as mesothelioma.

The House of Lords recently handed down a decision that persons suffering from pleural plaques were not entitled to compensation in a case commonly referred to as the Rothwell case. Basically the Lords decided that in effect there was no injury. Previously court awards have been made on the basis that there is scarring to the lungs and for the associated anxiety that a sufferer may go onto to develop a fatal asbestos related illness.

The fall out from this decision was seen recently in the Oldham Advertiser with the following article:-


The Scottish Parliament is now taking steps to reverse this decision via the legislative process:-


I believe that steps must be taken by Parliament to follow suit and that the victims of this condition be given the compensation they deserve. They are innocent victims with a condition that causes them great concern and distress.

I would be grateful if you would consider taking this matter further and would welcome the opportunity to discuss this letter further.

Yours sincerely,


David Wingate

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