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Woman wins six-figure compensation as a result of hugging her Asbestos Exposed Dad

 A Devon woman, aged only 47, has developed an incurable form of asbestos-related cancer.

The woman, who never personally worked with the potentially lethal substance, was exposed as a result of close daily contact with her late father, who also sadly died from a similar illness.

Her father was a civilian employee at the Ministry of Defence Devenport Dock, where he came into contact with the substance every day. As a result, when her returned from work each night, she would inhale the asbestos fibres, which covered his overalls and hair due his work as a lagger at the dock.

It was accepted by the MoD that when she hugged her dad, she was exposed to the substance and was not exposed to asbestos in any other circumstances

Indeed, recent experience has shown an increasing public awareness in asbestos claims generally and, in particular, where the claims where the victims did not even work with the deadly substance, e.g., washing a relative's overalls and even office workers who have worked within hundreds of yards where asbestos was stored.

Indeed, even exposure by residents to asbestos producer (such as was recently highlighted at Hebden Bridge) can cause local people to develop problems in later life.

Unfortunately, the Health & Safety Executive don't expect asbestos claims to peak until 2020 at the earliest, as a consequence of the long incubation period between exposure and symptoms.

If in doubt, don't hesitate to contact your family doctor.

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