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Law Lords restrict compensation for asbestos victims

 On 17 October 2007,The House of Lords gave judgement in 4 eagerly awaited test cases. These appeal cases were initially brought by the insurance companies in an attempt to substantially reduce the compensation it pays out to asbestos victims who have the benign condition known as pleural plaques, caused as a result of past asbestos exposure. Unfortunately, the highest Appeal court has saw fit to deprive victims of a long-established right to compensation for the condition.

Victims can no longer receive compensation payments (which have been ‘on hold' since 2004, in cases where the only asbestos related condition in non-disabling pleural plaques.

This decision has caused dismay and anger amongst victims, their families and representatives.

However, the decision does NOT affect victims who suffer from other asbestos related conditions such as pleural thickening; asbestosis; asbestos related lung cancer and mesothelioma.

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