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Accidents & injuries - the claims process

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The Claims Process

At we solicitors llp we understand that you might have never approached a solicitor before and that you might be worried about the cost and complexity involved in making a claim. This firm is committed to providing clear and expert advice.

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We aim to provide you with the maximum compensation with no hidden costs or catches. If you lose your claim then you are fully protected from all costs unless you have mislead us. If your claim is successful then the majority of your legal costs will be paid by the Defendant. Any of the legal costs not paid by the Defendant will be deducted from the compensation awarded to you up to a maximum of 25%.

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When you contact one of our specialist lawyers you will be asked questions about the accident circumstances, your injuries and a few personal details so we can contact you again. This allows us to assess your claim and give you our initial thoughts as to whether or not it is likely to be successful.

What happens if I decided to go ahead with my claim?

We will send you a letter of engagement and one of our specialist lawyers will contact you by telephone to clearly explain the paperwork. We can arrange to come and visit you at home if you prefer. Your lawyer will then try to establish whether or not you have any legal expense cover in place already via your home insurance, car insurance, union membership or credit cards. If you have none of these then you will be offered a No Win No Fee deal.

Ok, so the paperwork is in place what happens now?

Your lawyer will start to gather the evidence necessary to support your case. This will involved obtaining your medical records, police reports, contacting witnesses and photographs of the accident scene. In addition a letter will be sent to the person at fault outlining your case. They then have 21 days in which to pass the letter to their insurers who then have about 3 months in which to either admit or deny responsibility for the accident.

What do I do?

Make sure you report your accident when it happens if it is at work. Your employer should keep an accident book. If it is a vehicle collision then you should report the matter to both the police and your insurers. Obtain a reference number in both circumstances. Don’t forget to seek medical attention!

It is always a good idea to keep a diary of your symptoms and losses. A day-to-day diary of your symptoms gives your lawyer important information to use during your claim. You should record all symptoms no matter how minor.

You can also claim for your losses arising from your accident. This might include loss of earnings, damage to property, travel expenses to medical appointments, insurance excess and time spent by friends/family helping you out or doing chores you would have normally done yourself.

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At some point you will be asked to attend a medical appointment with one of our doctors at a time and location convenient to you. At the appointment you need to advise the doctor of all your symptoms and use your symptoms diary as a reminder. Please don’t feel afraid to tell the doctor about all of your symptoms as he/she would rather have too much information rather than too little. The doctor will then prepare a report and sent it to your lawyer.

What does my lawyer do with the medical report?

Your lawyer will then send the report to you for approval along with a valuation of your claim. The report details your injuries, the extent of any disabilities and how long it will take you to get better. They might also suggest some further treatment. The report will not be sent to the other side until you have approved it and the valuation. It is very important that the report is factually correct, as it cannot be amended after it has been sent to the other side.

The report, details of your claim for losses and valuation of your case will then be sent to the other side. This valuation is worked out using previous court awards made to persons who have sustained injuries similar to yours.

What happens if the other side admits responsibility?

They will make an offer to settle your case or accept the valuation we have given them. Your lawyer will advise you as to whether or not this offer should be accepted or rejected. If the offer is accepted then typically should received your compensation cheque within twenty-eight days although it can take quite a bit longer in a few instances.

If the offer is rejected then court proceedings will be issued (see below)

What happens if the other denies responsibility or do not offer enough compensation?

Then court proceedings might have to be issued. Very few cases actually reach this stage, only a few percent. Of these even less actually reach a courtroom. If the parties cannot come to an agreement then a judge decides the outcome of the case.

Should I worry about attending court?

It is highly unlikely that you will ever have to attend court. If you do then you will be represented by a barrister and fully insured in case you lose.

If you have any further queries or concerns then please call freefone 0800 and speak directly to one of our specialist lawyers now.

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