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Product liability - itchy sofas

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Itchy Sofas

Is your Sofa causing skin irritation?
Are you suffering from rashes and blistering?

Are you one of the hundreds or thousands of people who have been affected with rashes and blistering on your skin after buying a leather sofa? You may have contracted dermatitis from your sofa if you are experiencing such symptoms.

Could my sofa have been affected?

The sofas concerned were produced in China by a company called Linkwise. They supplied major retailers including Land of Leather, Argos and Walmsleys, as well as other smaller retailers. Some of the ranges include the Bari, Pia, Cassia, Aspra, Casino and Napoli.

What is causing my skin problem?

Following a report by a leading Occupational Dermatologist the symptoms are caused by a chemical called Dimethylfumerate. This is found in small sachets within the sofa, which act as an anti-fungicidal agent designed to protect the leather.

What can I do?

The first thing to do is to seek medical advice and inform your GP of your symptoms. They will advise you on the best course of action.

What can I do about the sofa and my injuries?

It is important that you keep the sofa, as it is evidence. If you wish to seek compensation for your injuries then you should seek legal advice immediately. It estimated that over 1000 compensation claims have been started against the suppliers and retailers of these sofas. Given the number of cases a Judge has made an order that the cases be dealt with under what is known as group litigation. This in effect means that, depending on the result of the litigation you might be entitled to compensation. If you have symptoms and wish to claim compensation then please register your interest by contacting us.

we solicitors llp already act on behalf of a number of clients already who have been affected. If you have developed skin problems then call immediately on 0800 2943065.

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